Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Embrace

Like the Siberian birds
coming down to the south to spend winter,
the North Wind,
unable to bear its own chill,
And we know the sincerity
of winter towards its responsibility.
but when the icy wind blows
out of the refrigerator of cold war
we catch an unusual cold.

Winter grows cold
only to equip the earth with enough coolness
so that she should be able to withstand
the onslaught of the summer-heat to come.

A few warm clothes
hot soup and food
will help us to bear its chilly embrace.
but indifferent look of the glass-eyes
and the breath of hypocrite breeze
freeze our heart and consciousness.

Sometimes winter descends
spraying the snow-flakes

(It's a unique pleasure to be in snow.)
but when there is a cold wave
from the cold-storage of intrigue
we don't even know
that our blood is already frozen.

The hug of winter is not unusual,
not terrible
as that of Dhritarashtra.

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