Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day

Market of hearts
Hearts sold and bought everyday
But much bigger is the market today.

I have brought a heart
pierced with Cupid's arrow -
a gift to this fashionable age.
It contains ready-made words
of sugary feelings.
No need to rack your mind.
Ready-made feelings have much value in the market.

In these days
Cupid's soft arrow cannot pierce
the lumps of flesh called hearts.
It rather bends tickling the flesh.

My girl-friend had invited me
to celebrate this love-festival last year.
A heart of red ballon
hung in her room.
While coming out
I had pricked the excitement-filled balloon
with a pin of my sadist humour.

I have to plant a valentine kiss
on the belly-button of my present time. 

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