Wednesday, February 2, 2011


                                                                       -Manprasad Subba
Journey is disrupted midway
by the landslip
O my desires!
Come with your innumerable hands
to clear the landslip
I have to reach beyond that distant horizon

Landslip ambushes to end the journey
But the will and purpose of the journey
have emerged much stronger than the landslip

To arrest the landslip
Uttis trees of hopes come up and stand high

And the journey,
after a pause,
closely following the footsteps of the sun
marches onward
to kiss the Evening Star on the forehead of twilight

I’ll erect, from horizon to horizon,
an arched gate of my birth and death
with ‘WELCOME’ calligraphed
on both sides of it
through which will flow a procession of tireless dreams..

[Written on the request of Dr. Pankaj Choudhury for those fighting with life-threatening diseases and read on the occasion of Cancer Awareness Programme at North Bengal Oncological  Centre, Rangapani, Siliguri, on 19 December, 2010]

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