Saturday, February 12, 2011

Phoenix of Love

Phoenix of love
rising from its own ash-heap
flies in the sky of passion.

You can hear the flap of its blue wings
in my heart-beat.

Ah! once again, while it's raining,
a young couple of an endless myth
under a single umbrella
are walking on this prehistoric street.

Teeming crowd of the market-place
cannot block these eyes
woken up with dreams.
Their vision has opened the caves
of Ajanta-Ellora in me.

This crop-field of passion
ever irrigated by the primitive river of love.
How little can I harvest!
Endless are the lines of lyrics
and poems in this field.

It's long since I forgot the definitions
of poetry learnt to pass examinations.
Rather the sunny smiles and pains and a few tear-drops
come spontaneously to my memory.

Forgot all I read in the paper at my breakfast.
Shall I rather recite to you some Rubaiyats
and sonnets of love and languishment?

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